Help Elect Progressive State Representatives
Who Will Fight for a More Democratic North Carolina.

People who never considered political activism before 
are turning fear and frustration into advocacy and action.
Ordinary citizens are becoming Heroes.
This is OUR SHOT to restore our state to its people.

In a wave of unprecedented grassroots activism,
we elected a Democratic Governor.
A Democratic Attorney General.
And a Democratic Judge to the State Supreme Court.

And We Are Just Getting Started…

OUR SHOT NC is a political action committee formed by ordinary citizens, just like you.
We believe in a North Carolina where ALL can work, prosper, and raise families.
OUR SHOT NC is raising money to donate directly to progressive candidates
running for State House of Representatives, to help them early in their campaign.
Candidates who value fair elections, education, health, environment and equal rights.



Many of us are privileged to live in communities with access to a surplus
of progressive resources, and outstanding representation in our state legislature.
We must step up and channel our support to candidates and communities
in North Carolina that lack those same resources.

Why the NC House of Representatives?

Two reasons. We only need to gain a net of 4 seats to break the Republican supermajority in the NC House.  And House campaigns cost significantly less. The cost of NC State House races average $250,000 compared to $1,000,000 for State Senate races.  This makes every dollar more effective.

Why Early Stage Fundraising?

Even for good candidates, early seed money is difficult to get. The Democratic Caucus waits until after the primaries to contribute to a candidate’s campaign, and major political donors typically do, too. Early investment means a greater chance of success.  Good candidates are more encouraged to run, if early funding is available.

It's Up to Us

This is OUR SHOT to reclaim our state.
To stand up for our values.
To break the extremist Republican Supermajority in the NC House of Representatives.
We must make our government work for all North Carolinians,
not just the ones who currently hold power.

With your donation,
you can help make politicians accountable to their constituents again,
restore democracy to our state,
and make it a place we can be proud to call home.

Candidate Campaign Funding

Timeline For 2018 Elections

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Join Us in the Fight!

(Cape Optional.)


"If you want your legislators to choose their voters, do nothing, keep the same gang in office.
If you would actually like to choose your legislators- you know,
like a democracy - work to change the makeup of the NCGA in 2018"

- A. R. W. 

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