Host a House Party

Host a Blue the House Down House Party


We all love to get together with our friends and have a good time, right?  How about having a good time with your friends AND helping to restore democracy to North Carolina while you’re at it?

You can do this – and more! – by hosting a Blue the House Down house party fundraiser for Our Shot NC.

House parties are a fun, informal way to help raise money for progressive NC House candidates, and provide you and your friends another meaningful way to participate in the political process.

The kind of get-together you choose is up to you, and we make it easy for you by providing a Host packet with resources such as templates for invitations and emails, and instructions for how to host a successful party.

Breaking the Republican supermajority in the NC House is the only way we can restore Governor Cooper’s veto power and work toward a more balanced government that passes progressive legislation.  We have a good “shot” at it in 2018, but winning is going to take hard work and money.  You can be a part of that by hosting a house party to help us raise money, spread the word and connect with other progressive supporters.  Contact us today to help Blue the House Down!


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